Children's pool parties


Children's pool parties are held on Saturday and Sunday. It includes the pool with, music, toys, balls, floats and inflatables. After the pool session you will have access to a room with tables and chairs for food, drinks and birthday cake. Water Wings will not supply any of the food or drink so everyone will need to bring their own. 


Pool Party Rules

- No photography during pool session

- No Parents on poolside

- All parties must have 1 or more parent/guardian.

- All children must be 7 years+ (if unaccompanied by an adult)

- All children under 7 years will need to be accompanied by an adult on a 2:1 basis.

- All children must abide by lifeguard's rules


Session Duration: 1 hour in the pool, 40 minutes in dining room

Water Temperature: 31 degrees C

Party Cost: £165

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